Online Exhibition of 

Sculptures and Drawing of Disha Kushwah and Deepanshu Sharma


About the Artists

In continuation of the ongoing series of solo and dual shows, Nirantar Art group gladly presents the Exhibition of Drawings and Sculptures of Mrs. Disha Kushwah and Mr. Deepanshu Sharma on the various online platforms of the group from 5th January,2021 to 21st January,2021. 

Mrs. Disha Kushwah is one of the founding members of the Nirantar Art group, which was initiated in the year 1996. She has done BFA and MFA Sculpture from College of Art, Delhi from 1990 to 1996. At present she is teaching art to the school students in Delhi. Mrs. Kushwah majorly represents motherly love ‘sneh’ in her works. The simplified forms of her sculptures carry the simplicity of her character. They communicate the emotions of the artist prominently. She has worked in various sculptural mediums like, metal, ceramic, wood, stone and terracotta. Her works are a treat for the eyes of the viewers.

The second artist of the exhibition is Mr. Deepanshu Sharma. He is a young artist who has done BFA and MFA, Sculpture from Government College of Art, Chandigarh from 2010 to 2016. He is currently working as Assistant Professor in Parul University, Gujarat. He is a keen observer of the little things happening around him. He captures the essence of the daily life through his simplified forms of birds. Mr. Sharma has worked in a variety of sculptural mediums like wood, metal, cement, terracotta and assemblage.

In this exhibition, one will see the artworks from two different decades, depicting the essence of art which is true in every time period. Nirantar Art group wishes good luck to both the artists for their future ventures.