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Drawings and Graphic Prints of Rakesh Bani


About the Artist

Rakesh Bani (born 1974) is a young printmaker, his age is not indicative of preparation technique and style that reflects, mastery and magisterial powers. 
Teaching & practicing printmaking since 2001, Rakesh earned the Graduation Degree 1998 and later a Master's degree 2000, both in graphic art. His training in these years has been multifaceted and varied, having attended many workshops and internship specialization; having earned a scholarship & fellowship that allowed him to investigate other aspects of graphics. After completing his Doctoral Degree in 2013, he indulge guiding and supervising in research field also.  Observing his recordings, regardless of the subject, which touch the personal sphere, is certainly undeniable technical quality of Rakesh: master of multiple methodologies so sublime, passes with the instinctive sign agility on woodcut, "classic" and traditional etching, aquatint made with softness through several steps of chiaroscuro, sometimes using screen printing, but also the etching or aqua forte, for both the text and the total absence of color, will integrate and become one with the image created. 
His mastery is offered also by wonderful experience as a printer: print artist in black and white, but it does not disdain even color, in works with countless shades made to poupée, but also with the use of fluorescent colours sometimes in Hayter methodologies, especially in relief etchings, which exploits the different viscosity ink spread on carving through large rolls. Versatile mind and curious experimenter, Rakesh prefers zinc and engages in using countless materials for etching, choosing fine for print media
Thus, his characters, on the border between the fantastic-dreamy and fairytale-the everyday reality in its total transformation and evolve towards the passing and the Otherworld, we grant to our eyes, in a spontaneous and disenchanted, presenting their history and leaving us still that doubt cannot solve for man: who we are, where we come and to which destination will arrive ...
To these questions, it seems that Rakesh everyone can find responds that his piece of truth, but that any aspect of hire, the path you must play together, and that the only solution to pain is love: love for oneself, for nature, for the next, for life in its entirety ...
Love for Life ...


Veronica Longo 

( Art Curator )